Strategy + Creativity.
Inside > out.
BrandBooks began with a joint passion for creating powerful brands, and a strong belief that branding makes a fundamental difference to business performance.
We work with business owners and leadership teams to challenge their thinking, clarify their vision, their culture, and their big idea so we can find the heart of their brand story. Why? Because a purpose-driven brand with a compelling story built from the inside-out, is a brand that will live and last.
With years of experience in design and marketing, we have seen too many businesses write their story backwards, focusing on shiny logos and quirky marketing campaigns that fail to connect. We believe in the power of brand stories to inspire action, encourage loyalty, and connect business with experiences that drive growth.
Brand Books is built by us,
Nic and Tamara. 
We work with you every step of the way to create your brand.
Yes, we are a small but mighty team of two regulars. No fluff, no overheads just 2 passionate people who LOVE what they are doing and offer the high-end skill set of a branding agency with the added benefits of care, personal attention and direct access. (Please note, we are still very much open to lunching and happy to get out of active wear occasionally).
Our in-house services include brand strategy, brand identity, and brand activation, and we collaborate with an extended network of (bloody good) creative professionals based on your specific requirements and budget.
Hiya, I’m Nic.
From a creative agency background and too many years of design experience to mention, I found my passion in branding and now live happily at the cross-section of design and strategy working with clients to evolve their brands.
Hiya, I’m Tamara.
For me Marketing was the obvious choice. Balancing business and creativity, I found a place to stretch my brain in both directions and I never tire of seeing great ideas come to life. Branding is all this and more, and I am passionate about empowering businesses to tell their story and drive action.
What’s your brand story?
 We'd love to hear it. Let's chat!
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