JJ Davies is Australia’s largest & most trusted felt supplier with quality and service relied upon for over 90 years. 
A longstanding, successful Australian business JJ Davies knew it was time to move online, streamline processes and extend their brand awareness. Never having previously looked at their brand that had continuously focused on delivering superior products and services to be known as ‘the go to people for felt’.
Now was the time to build the visibility to match their established reputation, and embed the real life brand experience into their content and visuals, setting them up to move into a digital space and continue to thrive.
Just like felt, JJ Davies is traditional at their core. The products continue to innovate but JJ Davies doesn't change. The pride themselves on preserving a workplace with a strong work/life balance - an honest approach core to JJ Davies from the beginning.
We celebrated JJ Davies’ connection to their past and honour their history by refining their original logo from the 1930’s with a classic font supported by stylised graphics to bring to life their love of traditional in a modern context. 

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