Discover Brand Strategy
A collaborative 4-week experience to define your brand strategy.
Before we work on creating your brand strategy, we work to understand you.
Through workshops, mood boards, conversation, and research we will deep dive into your organisation to understand what you do, who you do it for and your vision for the future. We need to understand your purpose and discover your difference, so we can develop the emotional drivers and personality to create a brand that will boost your visibility and performance.
We complete the process by documenting your strategy into a Brand Book, empowering you to grow your brand with ease and consistency. A roadmap for aligning your vision, your expression and experiences into the future.
Core brand strategy services Brand Audit, Brand Purpose, Brand Foundations, Essence & Values, Mission / Vision / Promise, Competitive Landscape, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Brand Audience – Customer Personas, Brand Attributes, Brand Language, Brand Pyramid - Big Idea / Value Proposition / Story, Key Messaging Matrix , Brand Naming*.
*Brand Strategy is a prerequisite for all Brand Identity projects.
*Brand Naming: As an extension of our brand strategy workshops, we work with clients looking to name or rebrand their product or business to support their vision - a requirement that sometimes only reveals itself during the discovery stage of the brand strategy.
Choosing a name is always a challenge - meaning, pronunciation, and coming up with something original in a crowded landscape.
Names we’ve helped launch: Climate Tech Assembly (CTA), One Good Day, Kyudo.

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