The Climate Tech Assembly are a diverse team of experienced tech entrepreneurs assembled to bring climate tech solutions to the world.
Because, if you’re a tech entrepreneur not trying to save the planet, what the f*ck are you doing?
A bold new business grounded in making actual impact. The founders needed to attract like minded collaborators, investors and staff with a compelling brand strategy and visual identity that communicated their core offering, values, and vision for change.
We uncovered that CTA’s how they do the work was their driver - the urgent need for collective action connected them with all of their stakeholders - internal and external. Taking purposeful steps towards a liveable future, pinpointing projects to action, and acknowledging that collaboration of diverse talent is the way to success. CTA is about the doing, no ego, working together to chip away at the huge amount of change that is required. 
By going through the branding strategy process, it quickly became apparent that a new name was needed that better suited the brand’s intentions, and had a simultaneous call to action. We led the creative naming process for CTA: Climate Tech Assembly as well as the extended visual identity.

Stakeholder Interviews
Competitive Research
Audience Messaging
Name Generation
Brand Strategy

Visual Identity
Art Direction
Brand Book & Guidelines
Corporate Collateral
Pitch Deck
Promotional Merchandise
Social Media Design
Digital Assets

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